Moving to Ithaca

It seems like Ithaca is in the news every year as one of the best places in the country to live, and between the colleges, industries and quality of life, new families are moving to Ithaca all the time.  Here are some links that may help newcomers and those planning on moving to town.
General info:
Cornell's moving to Ithaca page is full of good information
Cornell has parents listserv with a fabulous weekly newsletter that includes tons of great things going on in the Ithaca area.
The Chamber Commerce has a page on relocating and will send you a bunch of information on businesses in the area.

Facebook - contains many Ithaca based pages. Those especially helpful for moms include: Ithaca Mama, Ithaca Mamas, Mama's Comfort Camp and for all parents, Ithaca Families Gift Economy and of course the Ithaca Family Fun and the Living Gorges Blog Facebook page.
Ithaca Journal -The daily newspaper
Ithaca Times - a weekly alternative newspaper
Ithaca Voice -an online only Ithaca news resource
Craigslist - buy, sell, trade, etc
Swidjit - sort of a local, more specialized version of Craigslist - A site that works with all real estate agencies to show all houses for sale
The Family Resource Connection -Tompkins - a collaborative website connecting families with agencies that can help with various needs.
Child Development Council- can help you find childcare and parenting resources. They have training opportunities for childcare providers and parenting programs., Downtown Ithaca, Ithaca Events and Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce  - Ithaca has no Welcome Wagon, but these organizations will send you a ton of information on things to do and place to eat, drink & play in our area.