JAMS Music Classes - Toddler Jams, Preschool Jams, Afterschool Jams


Classes Currently Not Running.

Fun, Affordable, Low Commitment Music Classes!

Looking for a fun, affordable, low commitment music experience for your little one and you to enjoy together? It's time to JAM!  This class is 45 minutes full of fun sing-along & dance-along songs that will have your child JAMMING in no time.  Kids and parents will be grooving to the beat with shakers, balls, puppets & parachutes,and a wide variety of music that is sure to please everyone. Now classes for 9 month-olds to 2 year-olds are still called Toddler Jams.  2 year-olds to 5 year-olds classes are Preschool Jams.  Registration and classes are at Jillian's Drawers 607-272-1237. 

There are no Jams classes scheduled at this time. Check back for possible classes Winter/Spring of 2013

Contact Jillian's Drawers for registration http://www.jilliansdrawers.com/ithacany,
or for more information, contact janelleam@gmail.com

Leader Statement: "I grew up performing and leading children in music and theatre through 4-H, church, and child cares. I created this class when my daughter was 14 months old and the Ithaca area had no music options for babies and preschoolers such as KinderMusik or Music Together. I invited my friends to "Toddler Jams"
and they enjoyed the classes and encouraged me to continue. I now have 2 kids and lead the classes on and off throughout the year, usually in the winter or early
spring. I love Music Together and similar programs, but I've found that the 10 week commitment is too much for my family, and the cost is too high for many other families.
The class is a mix of sing along songs (Itsy Bitsy Spider, My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean, etc, Dance Along songs (head shoulders knees and toes, the Hokey Pokey, etc)
and child appropriate free dance songs ranging from The Beatles to The Wiggles to Justin Bieber. As the class has expanded to different age groups, I've changed the
name to JAMS to be more encompassing, and also because JAM is my initials and a nickname of mine. I Hope we can Jam together sometime!"
~Janelle Alvstad-Mattson