Christmas Lights & Holiday Lights

 There are several places in Ithaca to find fun Christmas lights and holiday displays.  If you are aware of a neighborhood or are area with a lot of Christmas lights, please email me at See more Holiday Fun at the Holiday Page. 
Eastern Heights - on East Hill, about a mile up Snyder Hill Road, there is a neighborhood where nearly 1 in 3 houses has lights, many with elaborate displays. 
See Snyder Hill Road, Dove Drive, Pheasant, Skyvue, Tudor and Eastern Heights Drive and John St.
Honess Lane has a couple of decorated houses, the one at the corner of Honess and Pinetree has an elaborate but very tasteful display with lots of colorful lights.
Pinetree Road has several houses with more than average amount of lights as well.

The Commons - There are lots of lights on the commons and in front of the DeWitt Mall

Fall Creek
- There are lots of lights in the neighborhood of Fall Creek, and with the nice sidewalks and low speed limit, it's a great place to take a wintery walk to see the lights. 
 The lights are especially nice near the Fall Creek Elementary school, with really beautiful houses withing about 2 blocks of the school on Lincoln, Aurora and Tioga. There's also a
house on 1st Street (cross street Hancock, maybe?) that has about 8 very large inflatables in their yard.
Warren Road - the clubhouse of the Robert Trent Jones golf course at Cornell is all lit up.  There are lots of trees with lights near the airport at Warren and Brown.

South Hill -
There are a few really beautiful light displays on South Hill. On Coddington Road near King and Burns (on the left as you head out of town) there is a
fantastic house with lights and decorations set to turn on and off with the Christmas music they have playing. Not sure yet if they are on this year.  A couple tastefully done
 houses in the Southwoods development off of East King Rd. Also, on East King Rd, the Hospice facility is beautiful as is the John Thomas/La Tourelle property right on 96B/Danby Rd.  

Lansing area -
Dart Drive between the Mall and Warren Road has lost of lights.
Triphammer Road between 5 corners and the Tripphammer Mall has some houses with lots of lights.  The drive on Triphammer between the Mall and the 4 corners near
South Lansing also has several very decorated houses. The house across from Eastlake Recreation at 19
Eastlake Road has quite a lot of lights beautifully displayed in different colors.  
Searles Road just north of the Lansing 4 corners has nice displays.

Brooktondale Road between 79 and Brooktondale as a few houses with lights, one with a larger display.

Dryden Road between Ithaca and Dryden has one house with a large display.
Groton 411 Peru Road (38) south of Groton has an amazing Christmas Lights display. In 2012 the Ithaca Journal posted this video of this property.
Trumansburg The beautifully decorated "The gingerbread house" is located about 1 1/2 miles north of T-burg off 96.

32 Dove Dr

Fall Creek, Ithaca, NY 14850

Searles Rd


This Amazing house can be found in Auburn